Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day - for us, finally.

Mid-week greetings from the frozen ice tundra formerly known as middle Tennessee = LOL  I know, I know, you all are frozen too.  I say we shoot the groundhog, whose with me?  So far my lot has not caved to these circumstances.  I keep telling them we are from northern MI and made of sterner stuff!  Until today.  I caved.  Woke up feeling  .. . . . uhg?  Conveniently the weather had given me an escape with even more snow.  So had a hot shower while the twins played in this fleeting, melting wonderland that I relocated thousands of miles to get away from.  Ah, irony, we meet again. 
Now I am drinking a cup of coffee and ruminating over the past crazy week.  Most likely no one week is any worse than any other (barring death), but doesn't feel like some are entirely comprised of Mondays?  I just haven't been right since putting my back out over two weeks now.  Progress is slow said the hamster in the wheel.
 So this is where all the magic happens, my corner desk with a view!
After two weeks of intense negotiations, and working around 3 different people's work schedules, we made it here yesterday.  Husband said he didn't care what the weather was doing, we were not rescheduling again! LOL  It was beautiful.  I am slightly embarrassed that it took us 14 years and a wedding to make it to this local historical site.  Husband enjoyed it even more than I, but then again he works with his hands.  Most know him as the car guy, but he can also do some pretty impressive craftsmanship in home construction.  Now we are looking for more excuses to go back.  They have some nice holiday shindigs, but I am thinking the tea room with my bible study ladies : )

Almost finished with my cup of Joe, so I had better get to the point I was mulling over in the shower this morning.
We home school and I know most picture our typical day like a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, but nothing could be further from the reality.  I am a militant OCD mom whom believes in work first and play later if there is time.  We are required to put in 180 days of school a year.  I have never come in under 210 in any of the 11 years I have home schooled.  We don't do fall breaks, winter breaks or other public school only holidays.  We even had school on President's day (gasp!), we did however have a great discussion on all the freedoms we have in this country, and even if you don't agree with the president you still have to support him or watch your country continue to deteriorate as people jump ship like rats on a sinking boat.  We also talked about it the presidents job is easier now vs. colonial times.  On the other hand however we take time off a day here and a day there, not counting our regular family vacations.
Anywhooooo . . . sometimes I have to remind myself it's ok to take a day and be a kid and have fun.  Besides, letting them play in the snow and test the strength of icicle's can be counted as science class right? Who's with me?  Anyone?

Who can say no to these faces?  Not me!
One last thing to ponder on this self designated snow day, what to stream on Netflix? Harder than you would think to answer.  We only have the one TV to share.  Don't send emails, we like it that way.  But I don't want to watch mindless violent cartoon, and most tween-adult shows have what my prudish beliefs would call inappropriate content.  Cue the tuba intro of the coolest show ever, Murder, She Wrote!  Thanks to wonderful shows like this my twins had awesome vocabulary words like CULPRIATE by the time they were in 3rd. grade!  LOL  I can now proudly say I have watched each episode of the 12 seasons, twice - no, not all at once, but over a 3 year span.

I so bad want this on a t-shirt!
Now I am eyeballing either Quincey M.E. or Rockford files.  Hubby votes based on vehical driven by the starring characters.  Guess which one he is lobbying for?  Working daughter feels the same way, but they are not yet streaming the original Knight Rider. LOL 

Blessings, Beth

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