Friday, October 24, 2014

Deal Diva Friday's

It's that time of the week again: Deal Diva Fridays!  LOL  That's right, the time I drive many miles and walk hundred's of aisles, looking for the best deals to feed my hungry crew.  We have a small budget and a huge hunger to deal with, every week!  Every week people!  Anyway, first stop is UGO (United Grocery Outlet).  Let me just say this, on a budget?  Find this store or a comparable one- now!  Bought over half my groceries there this week, mostly meat and produce.  They have a fresh butcher there and the meat is great. 
   Best deal: these multi-grain pita breads- $1.39 each.  Yes they are day olds, but I am saving a $1.30 over the Wal-Mart price.  Just use them fast or freeze them.  I keep mine in the fridge crisper and no problems.  These are great for packed lunches, lots of upcoming events when I won't be home for lunch.
Next stop was Kroger, the family friendly neighborhood one in the 'boro.  Big deal today:  This gallon jug of my favorite brand of almond milk.  Same price as I pay for 1/2 gallon at Wal-Mart, which usually lasts me about one week or so.  I don't believe it will go bad any time soon, but don't worry.  When the children realize it is in the fridge, I will get many offers to drink it quick. 

I only picked my top 3 favorite deals, and number three was also found at the Kroger; Southwestern salad kit for half price.  Fridays are insane here between shopping, school work and bible study.  This little beauty will make my hubby's day, er night I mean.  He gets his lunch from work at 5 p.m. and will enjoy this quick and fresh salad with his lunch, er dinner - LOL
There were MANY other deals to be had out there this morning and I was pleasantly surprised.  I haven't paid full price for meat in years, not sure what I would do if I had too . . . ?  Just keep your eyes peeled and remember mornings are best.
Blessing, Beth

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