Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's all over . . .

Happy November 1st. !  It has come in like a lion here, but praise the Lord, much calmer than our neighbors to the north.  Although the cold/wet weather while trick or treating last night made me nostalgic for my youth, it was also a great marker for the upcoming holiday season. 
With that said, working daughter was so surprised last night when she got in and found a Halloween bucket with her name on it, and I got awesome mommy points!  I took all the chewy food out of twin daughters bucket and put into hers (and maybe a couple pieces of chocolate) and then divided all the mom approved snacks I bought, between the three.  Pretty nice, for someone who didn't go trick or treating ~ LOL  All 3 were excited to find some slim Jims and even some tic' tac's buried in there, a real treasure hunt to be sure!
Here are the finished buckets after I fixed and fluffed them.


No holiday is complete without a day after pic, and doesn't this look like a perfect Saturday morning to you?  Makes me want to be a kid again!
I always marvel at how close these two are (literally - lol), based on my own non close experience with siblings while growing up.  I don't even think my older 3 are this close.  Must be a twin thing.


This time of year everyday seems crazy, and yesterday was no exception!  I did my weekly shopping in the morning (dodging store employees decorating for Christmas) and first stop as always is the grocery outlet.  They had Funfetti Halloween cakes and frosting on special ($1.69 for the combo) so  I snagged it thinking it would be nice to have with dinner since I didn't make my traditional spooky/creepy fare.  I got home still in a rush and while making lunch I thought I had better make the cake so I would have time to cool and frost it before dinner.  As soon as I started following the box instructions I knew something was wrong.  No oil?  Only 1 egg?  Bake 10 minutes?  What the heck?  Sure enough, closer inspection showed me I had bought cookie mix!  LOL  Now watching all those Food Network shows paid off, I just dumped those bad boys in a baking dish and turned them into cookie bars - no time  for drop cookie's!
These turned out so soft and stinking yummy~ I will do this every time now!

Lastly, my first roll of Christmas wrapping paper was purchased yesterday (also at grocery outlet).  I keep a running stockpile all year, and have been known to use it even on birthday gifts in the summer.  That is what the other side is for right?  Right?  Tell me I am not alone, you know you all enjoy drawing on the blank side : )  Anyway, when they start hitting the store again in the fall, I start picking them up.  I never spend more than $1 a roll.  Once I was at Hobby Lobby and saw their super cut paper, then saw their super high price and nearly fainted!  Almost $8 for a roll of pre colored paper that will be ripped up and thrown out!?!  Really?  I guess somebody is buying it or they wouldn't be selling it.  Please tell me it isn't you?
Nothing kicks off the holidays like a good roll of discount wrapping paper!

Stay warm, make some chili, read a book and enjoy your Saturday.  Start your November the right way.  After all, you still have 53 more days to worry about that crazy fat man in a red suit!

Blessings, Beth

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