Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday ~ weeds. trash, and sharks - oh my!

Another busy week, they all are this time of year.  We have had some bad weather to boot.  Nothing like up north though.  So with some major apologies I submit my first photo in the thankfulness category:
Found this little dandelion on the front lawn this morning.

 1) I am thankful I can still see my front lawn!
To be fair, I also found this Sasquatch wrapper on my lawn as well - thank you garbage men.

2) Thankful for hardworking city workers who take away the spoils of my blessed lifestyle.
All this thankfulness (and a FB post from a friend) prompted me to ask around the family what type of Thanksgiving traditions we have and if they could be improved.  Surprisingly enough (NOT) most were food centered.  I personally couldn't think of any and am having a hard time with no army son to look forward to this year.  I was kind of feeling like a Thanksgiving failure when a couple family members pointed out we always have friends/neighbors over for dinner every year.  Folks who probably wouldn't celebrate or have a meal if not for us.  This picked me up some, at least on a spiritual level.  Working daughter however did go off on a tangent (there is some of me in her!) about our lack of cable and viewing the Macy's Parade.   Wow.  I feel the same, but not worth the cable price (financially or spiritually).  Reminded her that last year we just watched YouTube videos of the parade on our living room t.v.  Moot point anyhow with her, she is working this year!
A new tradition we started last year, the soul purpose of irritating a  young adult at our house, is to watch the classic B-film, SHARKNADO! (yes I know, please pray for us)  If you have not yet seen this and enjoy campy films, or just making fun of a bad movie, this film is for you!  It is currently streaming on Netflix.
Nothing screams Thanksgiving like sharks falling out of the sky.

 3) Thankful for family with the same weird sense of humor as me.

4) And sometimes I just like to give practical advice - I am thankful for a good cup of coffee!
And friends, family and you!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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