Monday, November 10, 2014

Better late then never ~ Deal Diva

Happy Veteran's Day and thank you to all military!  All Government run agency's are closed as are many public schools.  We too decided to take the day off, but only because mom/teacher is old and worn out from to much week-end and back to back vendor events.  Great day for an extra cup of coffee, catch up on paper work and enjoy my twins.
With that said; So I didn't get to my shopping until Saturday afternoon.  HATED it!  Guess I need to do it once a year though to remind me why.  Stores were packed and picked over, but there were deals to still be had and I believe God does play an important part.  He takes care of us and works all for good..  Tight budgets fall into this category.  Example:  Kroger advertised whole turkeys for .79 cents a pound.  Not one to be found, anywhere.  Can get raincheck however.  Great, when will you have more?  Don't know.  How do I know it will thaw in time?  hmmmmmmmm
Decided to wait and price them at Wal-Mart, pay dirt. Whole turkeys, Riverside Brand, only .68 cents a pound.  Hubby thought it was such a great deal that we should buy two.  I hate turkey.  I force myself to cook it and eat it once a year.  So is it a deal if no one wants to eat it?  I firmly told him one only and about ten pounds.  We decided to split up to cover more ground on this long grueling day that would never end.  Up at the check out he presents an 18 pounder ~ grrrrrr.  He claims I said 'at least ten pounds'.  I believe he is just trying to get as much as he can, in the parameters I gave him.  Pushing the limits.  Still love him though : )
Kroger also advertised butter at $2.99 if 10 are bought.  They still had 15, I bought 10.  That is roughly $1 off reg. price for each package.

Kroger specials run Wed. to Wed.

I got most my items, stayed in budget and made it back to the 'bury and made one more stop, the Dollar General Market. Lucky or big Mistake?
DGM had their 80/20 ground beef half price, making it $2.65 a pound.

I ended up buy ten pounds and going over budget.  Again, good thing or bad?  I had the money, enveloped for later in the month and of course we will eat the hamburger.  Actually I might make jerky with it.  I got so yucky eating processed food this past week-end because I hadn't planned ahead and took my own food : (  I need to stock-pile jerky, a good go to protein source.

I share these deals and ideas to offer hope, support, and encouragement.  Nothing more.

Blessings, Beth

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