Saturday, November 22, 2014

On the stix's Saturday

This was the first Saturday in a while that I have had some free time in the afternoon.  I decided to use it to the best advantage by working on UFO's (Un-Finished prOjects) .  After all, just booked my first event in Jan. 2015. 
Dug out these twisted slouch socks to finish, I seem to suffer from second sock syndrome (lack of interest after finishing the first one).
Love the metallic yarn and leftover yarn will make a great I corn necklace.


On the crochet hook is a team color neck cowl. 

Made second one in home town team colors, as well.

I also have another one of these Poke'mon hats on the circular needles.  This will be for second son, oldest already claimed the first.  I have two more request for these.  Who would think they were so popular?

Those are just a sample, I also am working on seed stitch cup cozies and have a queen size crochet afghan in progress.  Oh and I almost forgot, been practicing rolling fabric into balls and crocheting them into bowls.  And those are just the ones I can think of.  So many projects calling to me in my craft room.  I think I might have an addiction.  Not a bad thing is it?

Blessings, Beth An

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