Friday, November 21, 2014

Favorite Finds Friday

Another shopping day is done and I had good success with sticking to my budget and my clean eating menu.  Funny how empty the cart looks without bags of chips sticking out, but yet the total is the same if not lower when buying mostly meats and veggies.
First item I want to share wasn't found at a local store.  It is from the Mary & Martha co. I am a consultant with. The parent company is Hallmark and the item quality is very high.  I am still new consulting direct sales with them and building my inventory.  This Celebrate card/photo holder came up on a flash sale this week, savings of $15 off reg. price.  I was planning on buying this soon, so treated myself.  Many direct sales companies are having fabulous sales this time of year and make amazing gifts.  Visit my page for more info:
This will look great with upcoming Christmas cards and family photos


Next, clean eating and Christmas stockings?  I don't mind buying some candy for the children, but not so much for me and hubby.  I have been pondering this and decided I buy a couple 'treats' but a better for me than chocolate Santa treat.   I decided on to-go packs of nuts,  jerky, and probably fiber one bars.    Look what I found at the store today - fate?
Not sure I want to share these.  Might need another box.

I am sad and mad to report that the organic butter I bought last Friday has gone up $1.  Yes, $1!  That is insane!  That said, it now makes the better quality Kerrygold a better deal.  Although they are not labeled organic, it is made from grass feed cows - not GMO corn feed cows.  You can taste the difference.
There is 8oz. / 2 sticks in each pk.  Salted is in a gold package.


Due to my sever dietary issues I have given up soda/carbonation, but sometimes on special occasions I want a treat.  To indulge if you will.  But I still don't want to put yucky stuff in me.  There is a nice assortment of 'healthy' oriented soda at Kroger, and three that I have heard/read good things about.  This is the one with the best value.  It is sweetened with stevia. No, it will not taste like Coke or Pepsi, sorry.  You get used to it and if your using it for mixers anyway . . .

comes in 6 different flavors

With that said, coming in under budget felt wonderful although it was due in a large part to the extra ground beef I bought two weeks ago, reduced at the $GM.  Still fighting the blahs about army son not making it home for Thanksgiving, but I am definitely thankful for my Lord and savior for taking such good care of us!

Blessings, Beth Ann


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