Thursday, November 6, 2014

Welcome to November

October went out like a lion and November came in like a wet dog!  Does that work here?  Am I mixing metaphors? Who cares!  This time of year is sooooooooooo busy.  But it is a good kind of crazy that you can reflect on and enjoy with a cupa in the cold winter drizzle that we lovingly refer to as winter in the south.
Welcome to my circus, hear the music?  You will.

Fine line between the Halloween décor and Christmas.  I embrace the challenge.

Such a mix - match of items, and I actually have 3 stuffed turkeys (pardon the pun).  Twin daughter as named them all and the joy I revived watching her unpack them and greet them . . . priceless

I finished this hat for a special boy in my life, won't say which one as there are two boys and one hat.  Someone will be unhappy unless I can get another one of these knit - ASAP!
Who knows, maybe I can catch them all?
Blessings, Beth

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