Friday, November 14, 2014

New name Deal Diva

TGIF!  Been a long week and not a great one either.  I keep telling myself that is normal to have ups and downs, and yes the downs are not much fun.  I really hate myself when I make so much sense and try not to give into a pity party.  Anyway, best part was shopping this morning, back into my routine.  Last week, not so much.  During this week I have been reading more on clean eating, Paleo eating and wheat belly (yes, fun stuff).  I also finished a spreadsheet I have been working on for the past couple weeks.  I now have a months worth of clean/healthy  meals (breakfast, lunch, diner and snacks) at my fingertips for a quick glance while making my weekly menu plan/shopping list.  So after some consideration, I am now calling myself the Clean meal deal diva!  LOL
One of the things brought up this week on my FB feed was butter and what makes it clean.  I have been guilty of pinching pennies and buying GMO butter, but I have seen the light and this is what I bought today.   Yes it hurt but I bit back the tears and did the right thing.
Wal-Mart only carries this brand of organic butter, the only way to make sure you are not getting GMO's.

Still love my United Grocery Outlet.  I am trying to do Gluten Free for the twins (grain free for me) and the usually have a nice choice of GF snack items.  I try to limit this to Friday lunches for a treat.  Think pizza day at public school lunches
Corn tortilla chips

Look, 5 ingredients!  That is my mantra in the store when the children start begging. like for packaged crap cereal. I tell them if they can find a brand with 5 or less ingredients.  Yeah, it works every time.
Imagine , corn chips with just corn and oil.  Will wonders never cease?


Thought I would try something new, read good things about this and is about $1 less than Paul Newman, which it compares to and I usually buy.  Will have to keep you posted on this.
Made with Greek yogurt and found in the produce section.


Yes, that time of year again, although I eat them year around but stock up during the holidays.  Cranberries freeze beautifully.  
Best deal so far this year is Kroger this week 2/$4

Thanks for hanging with me and listening to my grumbling and rambling. Thinking soon I will do a special - Clean Holiday Diva!  LOL

Blessings, Beth

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