Friday, October 18, 2013

End of the week update

Wow!  That week went by fast!  Only something like 68 more days to Christmas : )  I have about 3.4 of my shopping done, but still feel unprepared and like it's coming at me like a speeding bullet.  Sigh.  Anyway, mostly a slow week= Praise the Lord!  So I thought I would share with you in pictures:
Twins finished up North America this week, and on to South America - Adios' Amigos!  LOL
Tuesday was my 16th. anniversary of my 29th. birthday!  One of the cool gifts I received was this portable speaker for my MP3 player (yes I like red).  I can listen in the kitchen, take it in the car, and Bre swiped it and used it in the bathroom.  Think she might get one for Christmas : )
Finished a knit baby blanket and 3 beanies.  I have a tote bag, prisim scarf and crochet baby blanket yet to finish for the craft show I am doing Nov. 2.  Need a helper, anyone want to join me at 5 a.m.?
Had to get more anti-fungal shampoo for doxie and corgi.  Said good-bye to $28 : (
Had to go to doc for b/p meds.  Said good-bye to the rest of my budget.  Budget?  Budget?  We don't have no stinkin budget!  LOL
But . . .
tomorrow is pumpkin patch day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We haven't missed a year yet since moving here.  Told army son about it and thought he was going to cry.  Family traditions are soooooooo important.  Not so much for the activity, but for being there together as a family - united. 
Feeling blessed, Beth

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