Friday, October 25, 2013

Frightful Friday deals from the Diva : )

Another week is coming to an end and I once again have been neglectful in posting on this blog.  Truthfully I spent most the week trying to readjust to taking my b/p meds, which I have adverse side affects from (only one I am not allergic to),  Even felt to puny to knit much!  Feeling overwhelmed about finishing some projects for my next craft show.  Also had another follow-up on my root canal.  That seems to be over with now, for another 6 months - yippee!
So did local shopping today, which means not so many big deals.  But I was pretty well stocked up on reduced meat bought earlier in the month.  I was looking to find all the ingredients for my special Halloween food that I prepare every year.  Really thought I was going to strike out and have to journey into the 'boro before next Thursday, but was pleasantly surprised to find my unique items at the local Piggly Wiggly.  Things like blue cheese and salsa Verde are not staples in this little 'bury - LOL
Welcome!  Come on in to the insane asylum : )
These are my Goblin Eggs, and I will start Halloween breakfast with these and twin dd famous monkey bread - yum!
Lunch will bring bloody worms and bat wings - he, he, he.
Rows and rows of monster eyeballs waiting to be served at dinner  Somewhere in here I will also make my pumpkin shaped cheese ball, bloody Mary  soup and other wonderful scary food!  What a fun day!
It wasn't all fun and games.  I scored a ton of mark down meat at the $GM, including  more of these baby back ribs.  You know what that means?  Dr. Pepper ribs!!! NO, hubby grabbed root beer by mistake - LOL  Children got to drink the mistake at lunch.  Guess hubby will have to go back and try again, but some time this week there WILL be Dr. Pepper baby back ribs in this house and that is how we do it down here in the south!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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