Saturday, October 5, 2013

Deal Diva: Week 1/Oct.

Warm weather greetings from middle Tennessee!  Can you believe it, first Sat. of Oct. and it is currently 88 degrees outside - whew!  Praise the Lord for air conditioning ; )  
The children and I have been watching " 19 and Counting", on Netflix steaming.  This is the TLC show about the Dugger family, whom I met at a homeschool conference in Cincinnati two years ago.  We watched an episode about their grocery shopping and budgeting.  Looks like they enjoy Aldie's too.  Once again, am I the only one who doesn't?   Anyway, it left me once again rethinking my budget and what I could do different.  Seems to get tougher and tougher each week to make ends meet!  I fear the problem is that most grocery items (food and paper/pet) keep going up, and my husbands pay does not : (  I know we are not alone, but it makes me feel guilty about buying good/healthy food and not living on noodles 24/7 to stay in budget.  Sigh.  What do you all do?
Lets take a look at what I did find.  First stop as usual is United Grocery Outlet:
Picked up a butternut squash and the $1 bread, but the best deal  was this Sara Lee Roasted Chicken chub.  This is how it comes to the deli dept. for slicing.  By buying it whole and slicing it at home I save about  $2 a pound and will get about 4-5 meals for a total of $13.  These will be high protein choices instead of typical lunch fair such as burrito's , chips or anything breaded.
Kroger was a little less exciting.  However they did have their organic, low mercury tuna on special.  It is the only tuna I will eat.  I really don't trust fish anymore, from anywhere.  I also found a one pound deli container or fresh salsa reduced.  That will go into tonight's chili.  Lastly, my laundry soap was also on special, $2.99 instead of the reg. $5 I pay.  I have tried cheaper laundry soap, but this is the only thing my dong is not allergic to : (
Life is about compromise and that is what I do in the meat dept.  I always go to the store with a menu plan, but the meat is not always available at a good price or it just doesn't look edible.  I then chose from what does look good and is reduced, to stay on budget.  Sometimes that means some fast thinging and quick menu rewriting (sans coffee I might add) but that is what I get paid the big bucks for - LOL Seriously, it is my job, just like a 9-5er, and I take it that seriously; as God dictates.
OK, just for fun I picked up theses holiday candy jimmies.  And yes, all the stores are putting out their holiday baking items.  This is a 4 split with gingerbread men, candy canes . . .
white snowflakes, green trees and red balls.  Sooooooo cute!  Santa will love these on his cookies.  I chose to purchase them now based on a bad experience two years ago.  I actually waited to closer to Christmas (two weeks before) and all the stores were wiped out.  Not just local, I also traveled 20 miles into the 'city' and they were empty too!  Reminded me of 4 years prior to that, the great wax paper outage of Christmas 2007!  So now if I see something for the holidays I get it then, it won't be there latter - LOL  Planning ahead is cool anyway right?

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