Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday Bowling

Yesterday was a great day, and not because of the weather (rainy afternoon).  In the morning my little twin angles sang at church in the children's choir.  In the afternoon we did an early birthday celebration for middle daughter, 3 days early but we all know week=ends are best for these things : )  So off to the bowling ally per her request, usually it is roller skating.  I haven't been in a bowling ally in over twenty years and it was the first time ever  for the twins, and we  had a BLAST!
Here is the birthday girl.  If you see her around wish her a happy 17th.
Picking balls and shoes were quit the job!  The twins had to swap shoes twice and little Gabe (adopted son and Bre's BF boyfriend) whined about how heavy his ball was, more than the twins!  LOL
Elysha turned out to be very good at it, even though it was her first time : )
Here is dad showing Elijah how to do it.  Eli did much better after dad stopped helping!  And everyone did great when we had the bumpers put up for the second game (didn't have those when I was a kid).
Our dear friend and neighbor, Miss Debbie, came along as well as her daughter (Bre's best friend) and dd boyfriend (little Gabe).  She was great!  Even without the bumpers - LOL
It was so much fun and we were all together.  Came home for pizza, cake and ice cream.  Great way to end a great day!  We are defiantly going to do this again soon, maybe on little Gabe's b-day (2nd of Dec.).  More money than we can usually spend, but worth it for a great family treat.  Pray more family's get to spend this type of time together.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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