Saturday, September 21, 2013

Double Deal Diva

I am coming at ya today times two.  I missed last week -end due to  a ton of commitments.  So went shopping Wed. after taking twin daughter to her reg. booth appt. and again Fri, alone with hubby~ I know , right!  LOL  Found many good things both days.  First stop is always UGO:
I snagged the last two bottles of organic ketchup and a couple jars of natural Jiff.  Both items at about a $1 less than Wally world.
I really try to get my bread at UGO, as I can still get semi=healthy stuff for still $1, but it goes fast!  Also picked up this natural un=cured lunch meat, about $1.60 less than the W place.  I really want my food to have 5 ingredients or less : )
Friday is pizza day here and is a big deal to the kids.  It is also a big hit on my wallet, so I don't get it every time : (  I found this brand at UGO and know from looking on the web that they are a non-GMO company!  They cost about a $1 more a pizza than I like to pay, but the natural ingredients are worth it.  It tasted wonderful, really taste the difference from other frozen brands.  I looked at other stores (3 in the 'boro) but couldn't find any to do a price comparison.  But other 'natural' brands were at least $1.50 a pizza more.
The older Kroger is still the best place for dairy.  My biggest score was Sargento brand sting cheese, $1 a bag of 12.  I grabbed the last 4 bags to the young college age cashiers dismay, and my children's cheering delight!  Always a favorite at lunch time : )  Oh, and you can't tell from the photo but the yogurt was only .19 cents a cup!
Another amazing deal were these organic eggs; reg. price $4.59, now $1.99 each.  I bought 4 but wonder if I should have gotten more?
Lastly; not sure this was a deal but it made the kido's smile.  We don't drink milk at our house (almond milk for cooking) but once in a while as a treat I will buy some to go with lunch.  I believe Trumoo brand is still healthier, but . . .  when in Rome . . . 
God was good to us this week and I keep sharing these deals with you as a form of encouragement.  No matter your life circumstance, don't give up or let it be an excuse to take a less positive path. 
Blessings, Beth Ann

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