Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mini Deal Dive

Just sharing a quick Deal Diva with ya this morning.  I made a trip to UGO mid-week and ran into $GM this morning to use my $5 coupon on pet food and what not.  Most likely won't do my big shopping (first of the month stock up) until Monday, but on the other hand I will get to spend some quality time at my local dentist office discussing root-canal options.  Sigh.
Wed. at the UGO, they were pretty wiped out but I did find ground pork for $1.49 a pound.  Any time you can find meat under $2 a pound, great deal.  I grabbed 4 of these, wonderful for mixing with beef or turkey for meat loaf and such.
Found these reduced turkey sausages at the local Pig.  I had some leftover home made Spanish rice from dinner the night before, and thought these would be great mixed in for a whole new lunch : )
Wed. I also ran into Wal-Mart (for contact paper - none here in the 'bury) and if your already there . . . yup, might as well look at the reduced items : )  I love grabbing their bakery French bread, for making home made garlic bread.  This is the 'everything' bread (Bre's favorite) and will accompany chicken alfredo for dinner latter in the week.
The romaine I snagged at the local Save a-Lot.  I only get romaine reduced if using immediately, and tonight is Taco salad for dinner!  Fate : )  I grabbed a tomato while there, only one = hubby won't eat them) and happily discovered that they are local; about 45 minutes away!  No idea what type of chemicals they used, but decided my chanced were better local than national.
So that is it.  Hope these shopping posts serve as a money saving inspiration or at the very least; give ya an idea for dinner? 
Blessings, Beth Ann

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