Saturday, September 28, 2013

Deal Diva ~ End of Sept. shopping

Another beautiful day here in middle TN.  So blessed God led us down here.  Not to many screaming deals this week.  So will just do my top three deal picks.
First stop was UGO and I scored these organic pasta sauces at $1.49 each.  Good brand with good flavor.  Love their fire roasted green chilies and tomatoes (rotel).
This week was twin son's turn to shop with mom.  He wanted a treat (of course) and then we went down the cereal/baking aisle . . . I almost never buy boxed cereal, nothing even vaguely healthy in there.  But he asked (begged), so thinking I was oh so slick I said if he could find some with 5 or less ingredients, I would buy it.  Well these had 6 ingredients, but at $1.49 much better than a candy bar or soda.  Also there would be some to share with twin sister at home.  So, with my almond milk I feel not to bad about it.  Let the kid live a little.  : )
I bought these organic gala apples at Kroger for $1.99 a pound.  Picked up 5, equaled 2 pounds, but will be a nice breakfast treat I feel good about.  So hard lately to find fruit that isn't over ripe and covered in fruit flies (Wal-Mart), or an un-natural shiny surface (once again  Wal-Mart).
So there you have it.  Later this week we will be cooking out for middle dd b-day (17) and making hubby's world famous burgers (mark down meat) and grilling some reduced Johnsonville chorizo brats.  Life is good.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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