Thursday, September 19, 2013

mini ~ post: Red Roof Inn

Killer migraine today, started last night at church.  Easing up now (in time for me to make dinner), so just a quick up-date.  Over the week-end we had our chimney fixed and a new roof put on.  This after a long spring/summer of debates and firing of our original contractor.  More I could add here, but just want to let the bitterness go and try not to let the experience ruin our trust in folks.  So Sat. while at the Beth Moore Event and Sun. while at church, I missed all the pounding!  PTL!
Here is the front, all done!
From our drive way.
View of kitchen and up-stairs (and bird feeder I brought all the way from Gaylord, MI).
Personally?  I miss the black shingle, but we needed a new roof.  Most folks down here have the metal roofs and they are zero maintenance.  Hubby says we are good now until we die!  Oh my!  Good news I guess - LOL  I will get use to it.  Right?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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