Saturday, October 29, 2016

Getting started

Just wanted to pop in and give a progress report on my new plan.  Yesterday was my bi-weekly shopping trip into the 'city' or 'boro we call it here.  Did my best to get what I needed to get started, feed the whole family (not make 3 or 4 meals-not running a restaurant here), and stay on budget.
My budget stayed the same and I was pleased to see that without buying as many carbs/junk food, I was able to shop the sales and come home with plenty of veggies, fruit and protein - for same shared family meals!
I have been following a few 21 fix blogs/groups and a common thread was they would make special meals/plans for just themselves, something healthy.  Not an option for me.  As a family we eat the same food at meal time, and we can all benefit from a more strict portion control.  I did purchase a couple things/snacks for just me since the twins can tolerate a few more carbs than me.  Items such as snack packs of almonds and a vegan protein powder for shakes.
I mix mine with unsweetened almond milk
 First, I chose vegan because just about all protein powder contains soy as their protein source. About 98% of all soy grown in the united stated contains GMO.  If you need to know why GMO's are bad, contact me and I will fill you in.  So I needed a pea protein based product. My local Wal-Mart had two vegan choices, both with pea protein. However one also had soy and GMO's  listed. So this is the only one that passed muster, and of course it was $5 more.  I was able to adsorb that cost because they did not carry the color coded containers.

I really hemmed and hawed over buying these/wanting these.  Then decided they would be the best way to quickly figure volume on salads and what not.   Most blogs said they were easily available at Wal-Mart for a low price.  Not mine.  I did find them on Amazon. Amazon carries the  BeechBody brand at a price of between $12-18 dollars. There are a few knock off brands to choose from as well.    I found a brand from a vendor that was actually nice and had a lifetime warranty for only $5!  Now I just have to get enough 'extra' money put aside for an Amazon order with free shipping (now up to $49 minimum).  But I do need to order an ant hill for school . . .  again.
Until these things come to pass I will make due with all the free material I printed from the internet and double check calories vs. serving size with my Fitnessbuddy app.  which is how I also keep track of my water intake and exercise .
So  I started this morning and seem to be right on track according to the cross referencing. Will keep posting updates . Feeling positive, doing something feels better than doing nothing!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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