Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mid-week musings and gratitudes

 Greetings friends, we
 find ourselves in the middle of another week.  A fine place to be indeed.  As the old sayings goes, "any day you get out of bed is a good day!".    It is also a good time for some positive reflection.  Life seems to always pick up speed in the fall.  Not sure why and not sure why I anticipate autumn with such fervor all year.  For most Spring is  the wished for time of rebirth.  But I am truly a child of the  fall autumnal , my birthday month.  My yearly renaissance .

To say things have been tight since I through in the towel with trying to hold a retail job, is kind at best. My chronic pain is the culprit but I haven't thrown in the towel on trying to get the most out of these days of my life.  I still believe God is trying to show me how to take life one day at a time, in a different way then when I was working, by using Him as my rock . He is my strength.  God and my family are all I have, and all I need.  He is giving me opportunities to see I lack for nothing I NEED and no one ever said there would not be hard times and sacrifice.  Those very things make us who we are, and bring us closer to our creator.  We all learn obedience in different ways.

It lightens my heart to be able to see my growth and progression on my walk of faith with the one true God.  
That said, I didn't do it alone.  My husband has been instrumental in all this, and I have witnessed his spiritual struggles and achievements as well. I  praise God every day for brining him into my life, as well as brining us to middle TN.  Much like Abraham and Sarah leaving Ur.  He brought us to a land of no family but full of spiritual fruit.

Wow, sorry this is so long.  Had more on my mind than I supposed, and there is still so much to say!  LOL  Anyway.  Our budget is overdrawn to say the least. Groceries is our only  "flexible" money. We have been generously blessed this past month, which has helped us keep afloat, and I have been creative as well as  militant about using what we already have in the pantry.

We were gifted these beautiful bell peppers.  Yellow is a big plus, as  I can't digest the green  unripe ones. We also received some onions and tomatoes. Such a blessing as I had just invested in a ground beef chub.  Didn't know what we were going to eat this week, but knew I had plenty of choices with ground beef.  I returned home, found this gift and immediately thought: Stuffed Peppers! 
Twin son shouted Huzzah!  and begged for them everyday, he had to wait two whole days! LOL

When  making stuffed peppers I typically use rice with my beef, but I wanted to save my rice for a different meal this week.  I wouldn't buy more. However I did have some leftover bulgur from a previous recipe.  So I subtitled it for the rice, easy peasy, and it tasted great!

In summary. I am grateful.  I am grateful to God.  Everyday I get out of bed and experience the love of my family and any food I may serve them, I am grateful to God.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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