Monday, October 3, 2016

Menu Plan Monday

  Happy Monday all!  The first week-end of October was a busy one.  Birthdays, shopping, church, pumpkin patch, Charlie Brown, and a bonfire!  Wow, still tired just thinking about it.
Then Monday reared it's ugly head and brought all the festivities to a screeching halt.  Had my six month doctor check-up.  I have said it before, but I am my own worse enemy.  I managed to work myself up into a panic attack before the appointment.  Which for the record went very well.  All my hard work paid off and was evident in my blood work and numbers.  Great motivation to keep it up and keep me off the meds!  Now might be the time to start also focusing on my mental status as well!  More positive self dialogue as Dr. Phil would say.

MONDAY: Split pea soup made with the ham bone from Bre's b-day party dinner
TUESDAY: Spaghetti w/turkey meat sauce, green beans and garlic bread
WENDSDAY: Church,  I am bringing dessert - Cookies: peanut butter  and pumpkin spice w/with white chocolate chips

THURSDAY: Oven roasted chicken leg quarters, brown rice and mix veggies steamed
FRIDAY: Mustard glazed chicken thighs, mashed potatoes and broccoli
SATURDAY: Shredded beef over rice with cooked carrots
SUNDAY: Ham and green bean b.b.q. skillet
Well I guess I will have another cup of coffee, have some split pea soup,  and get ready for book club!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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