Monday, October 24, 2016

Making plans . . .

Typically I would have placed my Meal Plan Monday here, but getting back to basics and am busy reworking old menu's.  In a nut shell: As of my last doctor appointment, 2 weeks ago, I now have my A1C, blood pressure and cholesterol under control.  Now I just need to redouble my efforts on the weight loss front.
In a series of events I followed a link from a diabetic blog and was almost tricked into buying the BeachBody 21 day fix diet.  I had never heard of it before so did extensive research.  Worth the time.  I will not spend money on this but found many things free online and it seems pretty sound. 
Basically with these colored containers they have made portion control and calorie counting goof-proof.  Based on your current weight and weight loss goals, you will have a chart as to how many times a day you can fill and eat each container of food.  Example:  Green is for veggies and equals 1 cup.  Based on the 1200 - 1400 calories I wish to consume, I can fill and eat 4 of these. Red is protein and equal's 5 oz. I can have 5 of these.  Yellow, carbs. Purple - fruit, blue - dairy/fats, and orange is salad dressings and nuts/seeds.  All this is to help make it idiot proof to get a balanced diet.

I found so little info when doing the diabetic diet, but had good results. However I made myself a wreck trying to count calories and even made my own food swap cards for food conversion. And recipes? Ha! Most cookbooks don't carry conversions for carbs, protein or sugars anymore. Sigh. I read a review of the 21 fix and it said don't spend money, print it free from online groups or Pintrest posts, she was so right!  I have so much more info already than I ever had on the diabetic exchange diet. I have also started a great recipe collection from recipes found on Pintrest, all with the container coding.   Example: Mexican lasagna is 1red, 1green, and 1 yellow container.
Again all material I collected seemed right in order with correct serving sizes and quanites. Just much easier to figure out.  Even hubby seemed pleased. He has less patients than I for food calculating and will default to eating whatever if it is a hassle.
You can by cheap version of diet on Amazon if your not into googling, and even the containers alone at Wal-Mart.  I will keep you posted on how this pans out for me.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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