Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy October Y'all

          Happy  October everyone.  My life has continued to ebb and flow, like life does, while I was on my long blogging hiatus. Not going to bore you with the details, but if things come up in the course of blogging I may digress and fill in a hole or two.

So for this o' so special evening , the first dinner of October, I made a big pot of chili.

Nothing flashy, or trend setting, but still a crowd pleaser here.  Only hope there is enough for hubby when he returns from the salt mines.  My twin tweens seem to eat their weight these days.   Growing I guess is hungry business!
One thing that has NOT changed is that we are on a tight, and I mean tight budget.  Especially with food, the only "disposable" income we have - ha!
During grocery shopping yesterday I stumbled upon this gem, fresh brussle sprouts, reduced!  Do you know how much these cost frozen even? Well maybe not if your like about half the population and don't enjoy them.  However 75% of the folks in my household do, but we usually can not afford them.  Sad times right, when you can't even afford a sprout.
I turned these into a stir- fry , and paired it with some reduced bratwurst  I also scored.  I was hoping for boneless pork, but the price was right on the brats and they were also a nice treat. 

Some folks don't know the best and safest way to prepare bratwurst is to par boil it for about 20 minutes first.  Then brown them up in your cast iron skillet for a nice crisp skin texture.

I also should mention that I steam my sprouts ahead as well, also about 20 minutes, before putting them too in a cast iron skillet with some butter.
I tossed it all together after returning from a much needed bible study, with the most supportive ladies that I have been blessed to know.  Who knew being me could be so stressful some days?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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