Monday, October 17, 2016

Menu Plan Monday - after the party

Happy Monday all.  It was a beautiful week-end, an Indian summer here really. Saturday was another one of my birthdays. The twins were gone on a fall retreat with the church youth group, but it was still a wonderful day. I got to spend it with hubby (like a date!) and middle daughter visited.  My oldest sent me a video of her and my grandsons singing happy birthday (all the way from northern MI, ain't technology amazing!) and I made the mistake of opening it on my phone while waiting in a checkout line in the store. I cried like a baby! It ended with army son calling and talking forever. I could hear my new granddaughter cooing and gurgling in her daddies arms while we spoke. It was like  a beautiful song.

All good things have to end and so did my birthday, as well as my poor eating habits. I have had many food issues, such as digestion.  I had my six month check-up and my AC1 number is now under control. Matter fact it is the lowest it has ever been in the fifteen years I have been struggling with my blood sugar.  I have also successfully reincorporated exercise since leaving my retail job.   So it is now time to get serious about diet.

I have a hard time with dairy, raw vegetables, fried and processed foods, not to mention carbonation. Lets face it folks, carbs are not my friends either!  I have done well in the past with either a low carb diet or a 1200 calorie diet. I am going to revisit that more militantly and do my best on my extreme low income budget.

This weeks menu plan might not reflect that as I am purging the pantry and fridge of  all birthday goodies.  Please pray as I am weak willed around food and do struggle with trying to keep my sugar from dropping. I end up eating more carbs/calories in an effort not to pass out.  I don't take any medication, so no back up reserves in my blood stream. I do it all myself with my diet.

MONDAY:  Crock pot chicken verde' over brown rice , with steamed mix veggies.

TUESDAY: Tuna casserole with pea's and carrots

WEDNSDAY:  Eating at church and have no idea what is being served, but I hear that all food served in the presents of God is good for you!

THURSDAY:  My middle daughter is having a gender reveal party for my soon to be here sixth grandchild.  No idea what is being served, but I lobbied for grilled chicken.  I am bringing the warm mustard potato salad as well as the colored pumpkin to reveal the babies sex!

FRIDAY:  Baked chicken leg 1/4's with mashed potatoes and broccoli

SATURDAY:  Homemade Hawaiian pizza and salad

SUNDAY:  Beef and broccoli stir=fry over rice

                             Hang in there with me as I continue my never ending journey of better health as I keep advancing my age! LOL   Hopefully it will get more exciting if not better tasting!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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