Sunday, January 18, 2015

Celebrate Good Times

Yesterday I saw something I hadn't seen in quit some time, the sun!  Didn't get to enjoy much of it however as I was in a giant gymnasium at working my first vendor event of the year.
However I did feel blessed that a new friend of mine (meet at my first show last year) had included me and almost treated me very well indeed : )  That was one of the big lessons I learned last year doing events.  It is not about what you make or maybe even spend, God brings people into our lives for a season and or a reason.  I can say that I have meet two outstanding ladies that have my best interest at heart, and at least another handful of lovely ladies that make my vendor life a better place for knowing them!  I can honestly say that I believe God brought my family here for a reason and that I never had or would have had the relationships there that I have here. PTL
It was a warm sunny day full of fun and friends, old and new.  I love my life!
It also happened to be my hubbies birthday, the 18th anniversary of his 29th.  So there were more good times when we got home.  One of his best buddies made a special trip to drop off some b-day wishes and there were a ton on Facebook, which is pretty good for someone who doesn't even have a FB account!  LOL  It ended with a bang when army son called at the end of the day, with a very heartfelt conversation that almost had hubby in tears.  So happy for my hubby and best friend for the past 14 years : )
CELEBRATE!  One of the Mary & Martha best sellers.

Cup cozies, a new category for my fiber art.

Working on a new pair of fingerless gloves.

Twins prefer loom knitting, here Elysha is working a flat panel.

Elijah finished a toddler hat on his loom and we got it tagged and out for sale ASAP!
Working daughter was in charge of the birthday cake - yummy!

Had to add this pic of twin son photo-bombing sisters big entrance with the cake! LOL

My family is amazing and I can't imaged even one of them not being in my life.  God choose the perfect mate for me (when I finally listened to Him), blesses me with ALL my children and I give all the glory to Him.  I deserve none of the credit, it is only with Him that they have all blossomed and bloomed into such amazing people.  Thank you God.

Blessings, Beth

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