Thursday, January 22, 2015

Little town, little people, big difference

I live in  a small town.  I love it.  I grew up in a small town. Hated it.  Before I start sounding like a John Cougar Melloncamp song let me be clear, there is no right or wrong, just personal preference. 
Even though I live in a small town, it is still larger than it was when we moved here 13 years ago.  We are now considered commuter distance to Nashville and a sleeper community to Murfreesboro, which is the largest growing city in the Untied States (again probably because of it's proximity to Nashville).  So in short, I feel we have the perks of being in driving distance to anything we want/need in under an hour while still being able to have a small town atmosphere and no traffic jams.
Our small town has a dance studio, strictly small town, don't send an email on this.  But still nice to have and the people are wonderful.  As a homeschooling family we knew the twins could benefit from this, especially since Ely is a diva that the world hasn't seen since Susan Lucie made her daytime debut  on All My Children!  just needed to find the funds and take the plunge.  I could make this story longer but will try to nut shell it. Took the plunge last summer with Ely and she loved it, naturally. She even ended up having emergency appendectomy and missed no dance classes, no other girls could say that!  Then fall classes started and they added a couple classes for boys.  Elijah decided to give tumbling a-go.  I wasn't sure this was the best fit.  At the very least he is uncoordinated and award.   But what the heck, he need something to call his own.
Now here is something I almost never talk about and not to many folks.  Eli has very mild ASD, OCD, and SPD.  All on the Autism spectrum, EXTREMLY mild, but it still rears it's head and most people think he is a immature child.  I still haven't even mentioned it to the wonderful boy who took my son on.  I think he knows.  Doesn't matter. The benefit of a small town is small class sizes.  Eli adores it.  He isn't as good as the tiny little girls in his class who flip everywhere, but he ALWAYS tries, ALWAYS smiles, and NEVER gives up.  As a homeschool mom, these are the real things my child needs to learn.  It isn't about a perfect back flip.  He is learning obedience, team work and  self determination.  That is who I want my son to be. 
Not sure where I am going with this but just wanted to share .  He had his end of semester review last Tuesday and he did great.  Definite improvement over when he stated and knew nothing.  He just has to work harder and longer.  All the little girls get it in like  3 - 4 classes, he is still working on it. And he is ok with that.  Which I guess means I am too - LOL  Funny how when you get down to the youngest of your children you get more flexible.  With that said, he will be back hard at it this spring.
Elysha modeling her recital tiara

Eli and his crew
All about balance
It takes a village
Wish he had remembered to wear his t-shirt : )

Oops, try again

working on a bridge

spot on


Big finish

Elysha and friend on the sidelines cheering!

No matter where you are, bloom where you are planted and take root in a firm support system.

Blessings, Beth

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