Sunday, January 4, 2015

Let it go . . .

Finding my Joy in this new year is not as easy as it sounds and is exactly why I am making it my New Year 'resolution' per say.  For the past 8 years or so I have been working on obedience with very limited results.   I have to say that the one thing I learned was that I am not very obedient.  Not necessarily a good thing : (

But I have now reached an age where my children are older and I have to realize it is o.k. to focus on me some times, and NOT feel guilty about it!

So with that said, here is some joy I found the first week of January:

Thur. Jan. 1st. ~ First day of a new year and hubby was home to enjoy it with me!  My husband is such a blessing!

Fri. Jan. 2nd. ~ Grocery getting day and I had enough leftover in the budget for a yarnbox!
  Being able to buy food for the family is such a blessing!

Sat. Jan. 3rd. ~ Took down all the holiday glitter with the helping hands of my family.  Having children at home is such a blessing!

Sun. Jan. 4th. ~ Last day of my Christmas 'break' before back to the homeschool grind and I had time to organize my craft room (much easier with no Christmas tree) and do some administrative duties for my ETSY shop and prepare for my next vendor event in two weeks.  Having a craft room is such a blessing!

There are sooooo many other things to add to the list, like helping my middle daughter plan her wedding, or having friends to plan a bible study with or even just enjoying another great cup of my favorite expensive coffee I received as a gift this year.  So glad this year is off to a great start and looking forward to next week-end and defending my trivia champ crown with some fun friends and hubby!  Just hope to be able to keep the momentum going, seeing as how I just found out my local fresh egg source dried up : (

Blessings in the new year, Beth

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