Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finding my joy

We are at the half way mark of the first month of a brand new year.  I made sweeping declarations in an earlier post about this was the year I would work on finding my joy.  I found it.  By day eight!  LOL  Let me explain, while doing my nightly prayers I made sure to keep adding my new recrimination - find joy.  Which would lead me to think back over my day and the things that I had enjoyed or had fun doing.  I began to quickly see a pattern, my family.  That's right, my joy has been under my nose the entire time.  It came without a fancy label, a bible study guide or a DIY blog.  It snuck right up on me while I was busy with life.  It started almost 30 years ago and crept up behind me on stealthy cat like feet.  With that said, it isn't always easy to see t which is why  I almost missed it.  Sometimes I get so covered in self pity or being a martyr that I have to physically remind myself  that I have been greatly blessed!  Everything I have, everything I know, everything I am is because of these blessings given to me graciously and generously from my Lord God                                                                                                                                                                                             Once again God heard my prayer and showed me I already had what I was looking for, now go onto something else to glorify Him! (silly girl)  Not yet sure what that will be for the year 2015, but with one child married, one engaged, and yet another one making noises about also doing so . . .  Could be the year of try to not be stressed and enjoy the remain time with the children still at hand.
Here is a quick look back at my joy!                         
Twins age 10, last 4th of July

Working daughter, last May at her high school graduation.

Army son and twin son, my boys, last Aug.

The gang on vacation at the Creation Museum last April.

My best friend of 14 years, enjoying a break at the pumpkin patch last Oct.

Middle daughter, she is so beautiful, 2013

Oldest daughter and family last fall, I am a glam-ma!

Youngest daughter practicing her dance last Sept. , she is so full of life!

Look at that smile! Bre in the pool last Aug.

Youngest son and friend Christmas shopping last Nov.  He is a riot!

Even this pic of working daughter makes me say - aweeee, she gets so tired working the early shift.

Twin son once again cutting up with another friend, Nov. 2014

Army son and twin daughter, she adores him (all women seem too), Aug.2014

My oldest with my grand kids - good looking crew, 2014

Blessings, Beth


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