Saturday, January 24, 2015

Standard Saturday Chaos

Do you wanna build a snowman?  That is the catch phrase that no one can escape and the first thing I heard this morning.  Yes, we got a dusting of snow in the night and it must not be wasted!  Children who can't seem to be ready for church at 10:35 a.m. were up, dressed and outside by 8 today!
Our back yard/carport

These two little beggars came up to the backdoor with 2/3 of a snowman

All joking aside, it was a wonderful way to start a busy Saturday; kids playing in the snow, Bre making hot cocoa, and hubby making pumpkin & spice pancakes with maple sausage - YUM!

Then a mad dash to get ready for twin daughters double dance recital.  One of those hurry up and wait deals.  I would like to thank my friends who came to support us and make the waiting a little more enjoyable.  I mean I have to be there, they don't.  Great friends and a great time.  It was a wonderful show and everyone shined = literally - there were light up wands for the grand finally!

Here is the little ballerina now, and some sunshine as well!
She has come so far and is so beautiful

Now the first show is over and it is time for dad and big sis to take a turn warming seats.  Then our first semester of dance will be done, and so will the insanity and our Saturday!  LOL  Never a dull moment when you have children.  Must be why empty nest syndrome hurts so bad.  Even when there are still kido's at home, you still miss the ones who are gone and flying on their own. 

Blessings, Beth



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