Thursday, January 29, 2015

Yarnbox Post

Here it is, the anticipated yarnbox blog, and we all know that the anticipation is more than half the fun! It's like Christmas in your mailbox!  Imagine how excited I was to discover a yarn of the month club!  Ok, well those of you who know me well don't have to imagine - LOL  Talked about it quite a bit while trying to make up my mind I guess, thank you guys for listening : )
It's here!

Too funny!

You had better believe it

The first peek.


Hubby is a good sport about winding into balls.  Maybe one day there will be a swifter in my future.

Here it is as the beginning of a circular staircase shawl. 

I am also working on another cable knit hat.

And for those who asked, here is the sky scarf I began on Jan. 1st. Yes, lots of rainy days.
Not sure I will do another box, but I crunched the numbers and it does work out close to what I spend a year in yarn.  Sigh.  Such a luxury.  It is a deal though.  The skeins I received retail for $27 each.  I received 2 plus 2 patterns that retail for $6 each online.  I believe it read, a $65 value for $40 : )   I believe I can get one shawl, one hat and one pair of fingerless gloves out of the two skeins. Sigh.  Such happiness.   You can visit my online store at :

Colossians 2:1-3

Blessings, Beth

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