Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015!!!

Happy New Year one and all!
Thought about making this some profound post on life changing experiences and all that jazz.

Or maybe even some new years resolutions.  Naw.

Instead I am just going to share with you the gift I am looking forward to most, and keeps giving.  Yes, Yarnbox!  LOL  Those closest to me have heard me wax on poetically about this  phenomenon with great anticipation.  Every month a box of yarn comes to my mailbox!  How much better can life get?

Today also saw the start of a year long project that I had purchased last March but waited to start on Jan. 1st with baited breath - The Sky Skarf.  Everyday I look at the sky and then knit two rows of the corresponding colors.  By the end of the year I will have a 5ft. long, high quality scarf knitted in the hues of my year.  I feel in love with this idea so hard that I bought a kit not only for myself, but my knitting daughter and her BFF  I also taught to knit.  So looking forward to this.  It could most likely be the last project that daughter and I work on together before she gets married. Sigh.
So for today I will concentrate on sharing my joy and work on finding it every day, and save the trips down memory lane for another day as I work on reorganizing my life around my ever maturing children.
Blessings, Beth Ann
Colossians 2:1-3

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