Saturday, August 24, 2013

Deal Diva 8/23/13

Wow, what a crazy week it was!  Good news is that I got plenty of chances for searching out deals for meals  : ) 
Thur. I ran into $GM and found these reduced baby backs, score!  Have been hankering these for a while but since I won't pay full price and we won't buy from Smithfield anymore . . .   Not a huge fan of Tyson either, but at least it doesn't come from China, like all other recalled food items from the past three years.
I have a killer recipe for these, made with Dr. Pepper.  Healthy?  No, but I win mother of the year with middle daughter : )  Was hoping to be able to make these while army son was here.  Sigh.
As you can see I also purchase reduced produce.  Makes for a great lunch treat for the children, and with oranges you don't eat the skin, so not so picky about organic here.
Friday saw me at the 'ghetto' Kroger again, and buying more reduced greek yogurt ; )  We really like the mini bite, with dark chocolate.  Great for me and dd during PMS week. Shhhhhhh, don't tell her I said that out loud.
At the Wal= Mart I did pay full price for a 3pk. of organic b/s chicken breast, but got these Angus beef patties and country ribs reduced.  I love getting my burgers at less than a buck a burger, and the ribs will be a great bbq meal.  I make my own sauce, so done there.  : )
Some days I feel like I deserve a cape, and others I just want to blend into the woodwork and not have to fiddle with 3 meals a day, every day.  But I know God has blessed me and my hands, to make me a Proverbs 31 mom and I can feel his love for us everyday.  However, know this, if I had a cape; it would be leopard print!  LOL
Blessings, Beth Ann

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