Monday, August 26, 2013

Mini post- dinner tonigh

Not much exciting going on here, which is a good thing.  Mostly dental appts. for dd and me, like every day it seems.  I have a bad case of 'mommy~itis' and don't feel like cooking.  But everyone was counting on me and hubby is at work.  So I went for stir-fry.  You can do ANYthing with stir-fry.
Here is the super cool stir=fry cookbook I got from our local library book sale, circa 1990.  And it does have anything!  They have recipes in there for stir=fry lasagna, beef stroganoff and taco salad!  LOL
I made a Hawaiian chix dish with the uber organic breasts I bought back on Friday,  I also found a bag of frozen stir=fry veggies in the bottom of my freezer.  These had pea pods and those are not my twin sons fav.  So he spent a large amount of time 'shelling' them before eating them!  ROFL  Now THAT I should have taken a pic. of : )
Feeling kind of rice out and not inclined to even drag out the box of minuet rice, I instead opened the unhealthy bag of chow=main noodles I found at UGO last week.  Kids thought that was cool/different and I saved face, a bit.
So there ya go; chix breast, pineapple chunks, frozen veggies and chow mein noodles = dinner tonight.  Thought I would share so you could keep stir-fry in mind for the next time you have 'mommy-itis'.  Blessings, Beth Ann

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