Friday, August 2, 2013

Deal Diva 8/2/13

Here it is Friday again, so I went out shopping, trying to get back on track.  What a BAD idea!  I had no idea it was tax free week-end.  I really don't keep track of those things.  On top of that, public schools open next week.  Can we all say CRAZY.  So glad I only need a couple things.  I had all 4 kiddo's with me, that's right, even army son.  Funny how quickly they all revert to acting like 'little' kids when they are together.  All I can say is thank goodness it is over!  While I didn't get any screaming deals on grocery items today, I did want to share that even my hobby relies
 on mark down items.
I have been shopping for a new comforter for my bed, for about a year. 
Then I found a great knit afghan pattern and thought, voila'.  I will just do it myself.  Then I found this yarn;

but it is $7.99 a skein and I need 10 for my bed.  I was dying.  This was the PERFECT yarn.  I LOVED the beachy colors.  But how was I going to work this into my budget?
Enter this yarn: (made pic x-big so you can compare)

When I was at Wal Mart I ran down the craft aisle (who doesn't) and saw this yarn in a mark down section, only $2 a skein!  PTL  It isn't exactly like the other yarn, but close.  Life is about compromise and I can not justify $80 on yarn when a $20 solution presents it's self.  I am happy about this and will not feel one bit guilty why I am knitting a little someth'n - someth'n for myself.
Bottom line; there are deals to be had everywhere, if you have the patience to look for them and the  common sense to accept them.
Blessings, Beth

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