Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tea Time

I am happy to report I am 3 1/2 months coffee free : )  Do I still crave it? Yes! : (  What does that mean?  I have nooooo idea, but it does play havoc with my self esteem! - LOL  Anyway . . . I found this new tea on special at the "ghetto" Kroger last Fri.  (could have been at all) ~
It is a black tea, but decalf.  Thought this might be a good coffee sub.  It just tasted odd, not use to black tea any more.  The tea it self is fine, I even tried it a second time with almond milk and stevia (same combo I use in my coffee) but it was still just . . . fine.  Probably won't go out of my way to purchase again (like I do with my cranberry tea).

I also purchased these tea's.  Just so you know, they are 75 cents cheaper at Wal-Mart VS. Kroger.  There are several blends in this brand and we enjoy them all.  They are made with real pieces of fruit in them.  I like them hot or I will add to my giant jar that I make sun tea in.  I use 6 bags reg. size green tea and 1 fruit pyramid bag.  You can actually see the fruit juice bleed out of the bag and into the water! 
I prefer green tea, but some of these are white, and I was told red or robieoo tea is best for me.  The only red tea I enjoy is Tazo Apple Cinnamon.  Although I did see reg. robieoo bagged tea at United Grocery Outlet, for a good price and packaged out of Shri Lanka.  Seeing as how it is not my favorite, I passed.  Just wanted to point out that UGO is also a good place to get tea/coffee.  I have even seen Neman's Own organic coffee there.  So, now ya know - LOL
Blessings, Beth  

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