Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Suprise ~ it's leopard print!

I am soooo, blessed.  Yesterday around 4 a.m. I awoke with a major headache.  You know they are bad when they wake you from sleep.  I though if I got up it would feel better - wrong.  It quickly became a migrain : (  I spent the day either in the bathroom (admiring the cleaning job Bre did on the tub) or in the comfy blue chair (a/k/a the sick chair).  I was scared to go up and lie down, made headache worse.  Children were great (twins were thrilled with a day off school - wait till I tell them we are making it up Sat.!) and hubby brought them lunch from Mc'D's on his lunch break (perk of working local).  Around 5 p.m. I started to feel better, no nosia but still a headache.  I texted hubby to bring home cat litter and not only did he, but he brought me home a little surprise to make me feel better:   a couple of these super cute leopard print pumpkins!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyone close to me knows how I feel about leopard print, and those who don't are always surprised!  LOL  Fall is my favorite time of the year and this was just too cool : )
I worried all day yesterday that I wouldn't feel well enough to take dd Bre to oral surgeon today, to have her wisdom teeth removed.  That dang migraine hung on like 18 hours - geese.  Almost thought I would have to cave in and make some coffee.  Hubby kept urging me to, but I held my own : )  Anyway, woke up much improved this morning and made my famous Amazing Banana and Blueberry muffins for breakfast.  Shame Bre couldn't eat : ( 
Her appointment went well but she has been sick since she has been home. She is now the one in the comfy blue chair (a/k/a sick chair) I don't remember being sick like that when I had mine out 9 years ago.  I worry.  I almost cried when they wheeled her out to our car.  She was so drugged and helpless looking : (  One minute I see that she is soooo grown up; helping with the housekeeping, cooking dinner last night (Dr. Pepper baby back ribs) and even getting your 3rd. molars out means you have reached a certain mature age.  Then I see her sick, helpless, miserable . . .  gotta love parenthood.    Either way, I am blessed.  She is the such a blessing.  All children are blessings.  Not just mine, but all children are gifts from God.  And I was doubly blessed by finding my soul mate over ten years ago, who not only loved me but all my children.  That man took up the reins another man dropped and our lives have been better ever since.  That man rushed out today to get his little girl some pain meds and chocolate ice cream, just because he loves her and that is her favorite.    I see these people everyday and know God loves me, and this is His way of blessing me.  I am so undeserving, but grateful nonetheless . 
Blessings, Beth Ann

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