Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day late Deal Diva 7/30/13

OK, we all know that saying and I was more than a day late.  Just wasn't paying attention in all the whoop-la of army son being home.  Actually I didn't shop on Friday like usual.  I had shopped on Wed. with army son and still didn't get much due to the awesome meat deals from two weeks ago.  Also, I had planned all my sons fav's for when he was home, so had laid them in stock as well : )

I did happen to have the occasion to check out our towns new, and only, liquor store.  I am happy to report it was neat, clean, well stocked and comparative prices.  They even had a very nice display of our county's very own Short Mt. Moonshine, original and apple pie.  The young man behind the counter was courteous and friendly.  The even have a great mini-bottle selection, for all you cooks out there that don't need the whole big bottle!  I will defiantly be a repeat shopper and am glad they are here.  Could have really used them two years ago on Christmas Eve when I realized I didn't have the rum for the eggnog!  :P

Blessings, Beth

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