Monday, July 29, 2013

My two sons

This past week has been lonnnnng - LOL  First there was the two week wait for army son to come home.  He still has to report to the local recruiter everyday (shaking my head).  Then on top of this stress, youngest son was sick for almost two weeks straight.  Today is day two out of the last 14 where he has not vomited, yet.  Sigh, good times.  But they are, we are all together under one roof : )  There is over ten years between my two sons but they have a strong bond and much in common.  Even their baby pic's looked similar.  They both love video games (Pokémon rules) and as twin son often laments, "your my only brother".  That's right, my two sons have three sisters - LOL  I guess they tend to cling together.    Army son will be gone in a week for S. Korea and a year long overseas deployment.  I try to not let that sadness cloud my joy while he is here.  I take heart in even the small nuisances  that let me know he is home, like leaving the shower turned on after turning off the water.  It is also hard to let him go and not hug him tight until time to return him to the airport.  He is here, there, everywhere; seeing friends and enjoying himself.  I hate sharing.  I keep picturing him as when he was 2 going on 3, sooooooo cute!

My two sons, two of God's greatest blessings.  Beth.

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