Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Whats on the stix's

Happy Wed. all!  Last week I shared a few finished projects that are for sale in my Etsy store;
Today I am sharing just a few of my current projects that I am working fervently on : )
Another broken rib stitch scarf, in TN. Vols.  (will be available in my shop next week)

Love that Mexicali yarn!  This time it is in an extra long tube scarf.  I will tassel the ends for closer.  A birthday gift for a special someone.  Or I might just use it as a sleeping bag for a 700lb. snake!

Currently this is my most portable project and will hit the road with me today for a trip over to Davidson Co.  A faux electric blue fur trim hat, white cap.

Lastly, this is off the stix but thought I would share (yes, that is me).  I had knitted some I cords, in different colors and lengths.  Most I use as necklaces, but this one I used as a hair band.  Last Sunday at church there was a patriotic theme and this went great with my navy dress that had white trim : )

Here is a close up, there are sequences!  Love that diva yarn!  I used the leftovers from my crochet diva cowls (also for sale in my shop).
Thank you for visiting with me and I wish you could stop, sit and stitch with me!
blessings, Beth Ann

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