Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekly shopping with the Deal Diva

Good Friday all.  Sorry about the font and color, I seem to be having some computer issues that I believe were cause by Bad Piggies - Ha!
I always try to do my weekly shopping early Friday morning, just seems to be the best time to find reduced deals.  So thought I would take you along today.  I spend $100 a week on groceries for the 5 of us, and $60 every two weeks on paper products, pet food, and anything else you can't eat! LOL  This was pet food week.
First deal I found was at the Piggly Wiggly, sale item, butter 2/$3.  We won't eat fake butter.  I can't afford grass fed butter, so this is my compromise.  Reg. price is around $3 each.  Sale is good through tomorrow.

Made a stop at our local Save - a lot.  I found reduced hummus (bought 2) and Colby cheese chunk.  Both with be used for lunches.    I have had there brand hummus before, and not bad, not bad at all for that price.

This I picked up yesterday actually, at our Dollar General Market.  Deal: Ice cream 2/$6 and 2 free Sunkist/7up 2 litters.  This was our End of school - happy July 4th treat.  It really perked up a rotten rainy day.  Sale runs through tomorrow.

This was also purchased at our $GM, today.  I was despairing of finding a deal on chicken, as that was the only meat I needed to buy this week and only found reduced beef in the 'boro.  Popped in here on the way home for pet food, and Voila'!  There are two packs there in the bag, leg quarters.

I read many lables today (well more than usual) on all type of latte' - hot cocoa products.  Today I am 3 weeks coffee free, but I still miss it.  Not much out there that doesn't either contain caffeine or junk.  Saw this, read this, thought I would give it a try.

Notice that the Ovaltine is 99.9% caffeine free, and claims to have over 12 different vitamins and minerals.  Will keep you posted on flavor.
I took twin son shopping with me today.  I usualy take twin dd, for some mom and me time.  She got up on the wrong side this morning and had to go back to bed.  Twin son, who usually prefers to stay home with the teens and play video games, decided to come.  I was a little dubious of the idea because of his SPD, but he did better than I thought.

When all was said and done, I hit the mark at exactly $160, which includes this computer game and is an example of why staying on budget is so important , and why not to bring twin son again any time soon!  This does not include the gas I had to put in the car to get to the 'boro, but I make hubby pay for gas out of his money; not my grocery fund.  I let the neighbor borrow money for gas earlier in the week (after hers was stolen from her purse at work), so when she pays me back today that will be covered too.  We live on a little less than $20,000 a year and budgeting is a big deal.  If it weren't for hubby's car jobs on the side, which God always provides right when we need them most, we wouldn't be able to home school; and that is a choice that God has blessed many times over. 
Thanks for sharing your time with me.  Blessings, Beth Ann

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