Monday, July 15, 2013

Bacon ~ the new white meat

Good Monday all!  I have discovered that Monday mornings are a great time to look for reduced food items at the local stores, in my town.  I scored BIG time today.  I guesstamate that I brought home around $200 worth of meat and only paid about $85!  I know, right?  LOL
First stop was Piggly wiggly, I went in to pick up my new fav. sausage.  I left with that and 12lbs. of boneless/skinless chix breast - reduced.  Headed over to the Dollar general market and  everything, and I do mean all meat, was reduced.  Think someone over ordered for the 4th?  I grabbed 12 ground beef chubs, 4 chuck pot roasts (3lbs.) and 9 4ct. burger patty pk.  All reduced.    To quote Phil Robertson, "happy, happy, happy".  I praise the Lord I had the money in my grocery budget, to buy ahead like that and for a huge chest freezer in my basement!  LOL
So here is my new find and I find I can use it in just about anything.  It is delish!  Only place in town I have seen it is the Pig.

MSG Free!  Sooooooooooo important.  I am super sensitive to it and get very ill, very fast.
Hubby used it to make one of our breakfast fav's : Sausage - egg cups.

Slice the sausage chub into 12 circles and place into muffin tin.  Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.  Then crack an egg into each cup, sprinkle with salt & pepper.  Add a dusting of shredded cheese and bake another 15 minutes.

Am I the only one to notice that bacon is everywhere now a days?  I have even seen it in ice cream!  Uhm, no.  I draw the line there.  I feel that would ruin perfectly fine bacon and amazing ice cream.  Seems to be the new craze.  What's next, bacon nuggets at McD's?
Blessings, Beth

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