Saturday, July 20, 2013

No deal for the Diva 7-20-13 & Dinosaurs

Hey there, finished up my weekly shopping today at the $GM.  I am sad to report, no screaming deals, but because of my awesome score last week - none really needed.  However I did score a couple more Christmas gifts, and the one I ordered on-line last week, arrived today as well : )  Remember, only 158 days to the big event.  I hurriedly wrapped them before army son arrives (he snoops big time), and am now almost out of Christmas wrapping paper ~ bummer.  I had stocked up last  year at UGO, 50 cents a roll.   Will start keeping my eyes peeled again.

I also wanted to share a quick mention of these Answer in Genesis (AIG) DVD's I ordered a couple of weeks ago (on sale - LOL).  If you have ever tried to explain to people/children why the earth is only thousands of years old instead of millions or how dinosaurs got onto the Ark, I recommend these DVD's (which come with study guide) and the AIG Web site.  If you are still a bit confused by these ideas, I first recommend the Creation Museum and their web site: .  I had become frustrated trying to find good info / documentaries for the twins without the words 'millions of years ago' or 'primordial ooze'.  Fixed that by buying my own.  Hate the expense, but will be sharing these with many like minded folks and my home school support group.  I have been to the museum twice and we will be taking our family vacation there next year.  Always something new and exciting to see and do!

Blessings, Beth

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