Wednesday, July 17, 2013

mini post ~ 3 Bean Salad

Warm Wednesday to ya all.  Though I would share this frugal find real quick.  Tis picnic and family reunion time again, and if your like me you enjoy certain cold salads; but not everyone in the family does.  Case in point; 3 bean salad.  I make a mighty mean one from scratch, but only hubby and I eat it.  So when you weigh out the cost . . . and it doesn't freeze.  Really, how many servings do you want in a 2-3 day period?  So if you want only enough for a taste for a couple folks; canned is fine.
Found this at the local Save-A lot.  Pretty healthy looking list of ingredients and only $1. 

It tasted yummy too.  Got my craving out of the way. 
So, just thought I would pass this along for family's with picky eaters or even a quick & cheap pot luck take along. 
Keeping it real, clean, crafty and posted on good deals!  Blessings, Beth

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