Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chicken little

I believe that you should never have to come home from the grocery store crying, or having an anxiety attack.  I am here to tell ya friends that today I did.  I ran into $GM to grab the sale potatoes (which they were out of - natch.) and then decided to check out the other two local stores, never know what screamin' deals you will find.  All I found was first overwhelming sadness and then anger.  Every store had reduced meat, which in my opinion makes the food it's actual real price/value, but it didn't look appetizing at all.  When I saw one pound of beef stew meat was reduced to only $4.65, I was floored.  I need at leat two for my crew and who should have to pay $10 for stew meat?    I could go on about this indignation forever, but I won't, your welcome.  I came home upset.  Talked it out with hubby(he is a great listener) , wondered if we need to eat less meat?  Less food?  Where will it end?  My family has been consistently downsizing for the past ten years.  Hubby and I have prayed on this and believe that all along God has been preparing us.  It is going to get worse, not better, and we will be prepared.  It might not be a zombie attack (although I feel most our government could pass for brainless masses converging on the innocent), but we will need to fall back on our old ways and values.  Believe it or not, I know folks who can't cook from scratch; such as dry beans.  This fast food nation is going to crash and burn.  I am grateful God has  prepped our hearts, soul and minds.

All that said, here is that reduced chicken leg quarters I picked up.  I cooked both packages and will get 3-4 meals from this.

First I roasted in the over with butter and Italian herbs, ate for dinner that night.

Second, I boned the leftovers and made chicken salad for lunch.  Piggly Wiggly had grapes on sale this week 99cents a lb.  A sign from above!  LOL

Third, put all the bones in the crock pot and made chicken broth.  I freeze half.

Fourth, made soup with remaining broth; supper yummy in this season of ark building here in the south.

There you go, one example of how I make it all stretch and use the knowledge God gave this Proverbs 31 women to take care of her family.

Blessings, Beth

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  1. Yup, I can make a whole chicken last a week. It scares me how many people don't know how to cook, let alone know where there food comes from. Even more, most folks don't realize that our stores only carry provisions enough for one or two days, three at tops.