Monday, July 8, 2013

mini post ~ enzymes

Good Monday morning all.  What a week-end!  We spent Sat. building an ark.  Then early, and I dooooo mean early, Sun. woke up sick with a migraine : (  But here I am today and I have come to look at all things in prospective; If I'm not vomiting, then it's a good day!

Anyway, just wanted to share this info on the digestive enzymes my family and I use.  I had a friend inquire last week, so thought I would share.  Since I try (and am successful thanks to Obamacare) to use mostly natural remedies, my HP recommended these to me and man they really work!  Take these with your meal and avoid painful/debilitating cramps, gas and other intestinal issues that arise due to bad digestion.  They also have som good stuff in them to, like probiotics, so win-win.  They work fast.  Everyone in my home has used these at some point, and they work every time.

That's it.  Now I am off to take more pictures for my Etsy store.  Then start cleaning the house in anticipation of army son due home at the end of the week.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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