Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Deal Diva of Aug.

Here we are, Labor day week-end.  The start of fall!  In the good 'ole days, where I came from, school would start the first Tuesday after Labor day.  Big culture shock for us moving down here.  In a good way.  Once we got use to it : )  Either way; Labor day is the gate way to the holiday season.  Here at my house twin son is already on a count down to pumpkin patch day.  We usually pick a day the first week of Oct. and he hasn't missed one yet, including when I was pregnant! LOL  Our family believes it is in the top 3 most fun events of the year.   We also have many birthdays starting Oct. 2nd. with dd Bre.  Many things to look forward to, including cooler temps, I hope!  LOL
So with dreams of end of summer bon=fires in my head and bbq's,  I headed out to do my weekly hunting and gathering.  There are two truths in grocery shopping; the first of the month is crazy - for obvious reasons - and the end of the month is slim pickings, again for obvious reasons (store inventory - all about the money folks).

With that said, I did find a deal at my local Save A-Lot on ground turkey.  I grabbed all four packs of 1.25lbs. each, at $1.99 @.  Making it cheaper than ground beef, and leaner.  I can mix this with the ground beef I got at the beginning of the month (16 chubs).    Great for chili or meat loaf, two mainstays here.
I had to shop the store ad's at Kroger but did get these organic cage - free brown eggs  for only $2.99 each.  Only needed two dozen , so didn't break the bank there.
Then, unwilling to give up the dream and remembering a wonderful memory, I grabbed these bratwurst at Wal-Mart.  Not healthy in the least, but a yummy treat.  Hubby and I got married down here and had a giant BBQ at our church for the reception.  One of the things we offered was Bratwurst.  The gentleman in charge had never cooked them before and many folks had never even had one!  Thankfully they were a big hit, to the point that hubby and I spied a couple of guests stuffing their pockets and purse with some before they left - LOL  Memories : )
If you have never cooked these before, I recommend par=boiling them for about 20 minuets before grilling.  That will kill everything and cut the cooking time in half.
Praying all have a wonderful holiday week-end.  Blessings, Beth Ann

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  1. Par boil the brats with some onions and beer... then grill. YUM! I'm laughing at your tale of people pocketing the brats... that cracked me up.

    Good finds. Autumn is my favorite season -- the colors, the cooler temps (moot here up in the Pacific Northwest because it's always on the cool side), and pumpkins. What is it about those orange globes that just makes us smile????